About Us


Our Firm offers a wide array of Services to meet our Clients’ demands. Ranging from Conceptual and Schematic Design Studies to Comprehensive Architectural Planning.

We provide time and creativity to give you well-planned projects to meet the needs of the developer and the end user without sacrificing quality and standards.

With over 20 years of experience in the practice of Architecture, NSDR + Partners prepares complete plans, drawings, details and documentation of projects to ascertain the proper implementation and materialization of the project.


Our engineering design team composed of Structural, Electrical, Sanitary, Fire Protection and Mechanical Engineers provides NSDR + Partners with the best engineering practice in accordance with the initial design concept of the Architect. Value engineering works are also provided to the projects to fully minimize the Cost and Expense for the project but without sacrificing the quality and soundness of the structure.


NSDR + Partners provides Architectural Interior Design to give the Clients from Residential to Commercial projects. Our Architectural Interior Service gives full attention to details and material finishes. We give the best creative solutions to every design project but considers the Cost- efficiency of the client.


Our service also includes Planning for large scale developments and communities. Feasibility design study and conceptual Master Plan are also provided for initial project studies.


Project Management Services are offered to give our clients the peace of mind during complicated Construction periods. We offer this services only to our designed projects.


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